Our visualized dance choreographies suitable for your brand are carefully prepared.


We continue to work diligently in the selection of the target audience we will address.


The dance choreographies we produce are eye-catching and astonishing. In this direction, by promoting your brand, it is aimed to increase your brand awareness or increase your sales.


We have achieved positive results in more than 5,000+ studies we have done since 1991.

What are we doing?

We spice up your organizations with dance shows. Whether it’s a wedding, marriage proposal or shopping mall opening, we provide Flash mob Organizations all over Turkey with our dancer group, which is predetermined and prepared in many areas.

Flash mob, in short, means that a group of people exhibit a dance show they have prepared beforehand in a certain area.

While it can be difficult to do something large with a large number of people, we work for you for weeks and bring our team to the appropriate level.

We have works for many areas such as advertising, action, surprise, offer.

In Which Areas Do We Serve?

Clip Shots

We carefully prepare the choreographies specific to the artists and complete our work in a short time.

Advertising Shootings and Launches

We are at your service with our professional dancer staff of more than 300 for your advertisements.

Marriage Proposals

Flash mob is the right choice to surprise your loved one and never say no.

Openings & Mall , Party

We are at your service for shopping mall openings, brand or establishment openings.

Christmas & Flash Mob

Our talented dancers are ready for the show at the desired venue for an unforgettable New Year’s entertainment.

Dance Group & Fair

The message desired to be given in event areas such as fairs is directly reflected to the society with dance.

Since 1996, we have been successfully writing flash mob fictions and scenarios and successfully completing projects that no one else has. We do all our work institutionally under the name of dance. Our company, which transforms every dance organization into perfect days that will always be remembered with creative flash mobs and effective planning, provides service with a professional perspective without losing its amateur spirit, with its equipment from A to Z and expert dance choreographer staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Prepares the Choreographies?

Our expert trainer Yılmaz Nişancı prepares the choreographies.

How long does it take to prepare the choreographies?

In general, we get all our dancers ready in accordance with the procedure in 2 weeks.

Can I be in the squad too?

If you think you have talent, Sure 🙂

Do You Make Video Editing Montage?

Yes, we have a teammate editing videos and music

Our Quality Procedure in Our Dance Organizations

To maintain the effectiveness of our organization management system,

To apply process improvement as our basic philosophy at every stage of the services we offer in our organizational areas,

To make and implement all our organizational plans in detail,

To act by considering the reputation of the customer in all of our dance services and to consider this as their own reputation,

To be loyal to the principles of efficiency in the services we offer under the name of dance,

To continuously measure and improve the quality of our products and services,

Paying utmost attention to ensure that our organization services are compatible with the ecological environment,

Giving utmost importance to meeting customer demands during and as desired,

To provide competitive advantage to our customers with our quality services.

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